1. Brand Innovation And Customer Experience Design: An Interview With Comcast’s Chris Satchell: The potential for breakthrough innovation is at its greatest when there’s purpose. And in an age of disruptive technology, humanity is becoming a killer app.
  2. ¿Sirve Facebook para las PyMEs? 7 de 10 dicen NO: El marketing de redes sociales es la manera más rápida de alcanzar a una audiencia objetivo, sin embargo, datos recientes señalan que la mayoría de las pequeñas empresas (PyMEs) no está viendo un retorno positivo de inversión (ROI) en Facebook.
  3. Bringing Instagram Stories to Mobile Web:  Starting today, you can watch stories on instagram.com.
  4. Facebook Will Soon Let Brands Target Ads at Entire Families or Specific People Within Households: New feature comes just in time for the holiday planning season.
  5. Instagram Uses AI to Manage Comments: Instagram introduced two new filters “to help keep Instagram a safe place for self-expression.” One filter will block “certain offensive comments on posts and in live video.”
  6. Eliminating the Human:We are beset by—and immersed in—apps and devices that are quietly reducing the amount of meaningful interaction we have with each other.
  7. 10 Instagram Statistics to Keep in Mind When Planning Your 2018 Strategy: Digital marketing changes very rapidly, so it’s important to stay caught up with new platforms, strategies and tactics.
  8. El cuadrante de Steve o la teoría de la simplicidad: Cuando en 1997 Steve Jobs volvió a dirigir Apple después de haber sido despedido en 1985, una de las primeras decisiones que tomó fue la de revisar la cartera de productos.
  9. 7 Ways To Grow Your Personal Brand in Less Than a Week: If you want to promote your name and your company online, you have to begin by building your personal brand.
  10. How To Create Snackable Content For Social Media : Creating value and offering great information to your audience and potential customers is key in acquiring and retaining your social media following.